HR Carnival: End of April Edition

The folks at Talent Junction hosted the latest version of the HR Carnival. There is some great reading in this one! Here are some samples:

  • For The Survival of HR: Drucker Lesson of the Day.
  • How To Fix The HR Profession
  • 6 Reasons Why Talent Management is a Strategic Imperative
  • Six Signs You Have An HR Pirate
  • Can Common Sense be Learned?
  • Be fluid in your thinking, but concrete in your communication
  • Getting the Performance Appraisal Right
  • 5 ways to Exit When Your Boss is Abusive
  • How To Fix The HR Profession
  • 5 benefits of taking a vacation

And much more. So buy your TICKET TO THE CARNIVAL HERE and head to the midway of great reading.

And stay tuned. The next HR Carnival on May 12th will be hosted right here at HR Observations!

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