Carnival of HR: Mid-April Edition

Well some how I missed it.. But upon finding it I wanted to point it out to you. The “Not So Corporate HR Carnival” was published at the ImSoCorporate blog site. The topics of the 30 blogs posted cover the gamut from social media to workplace humor and songs about work. In between are posts on 360 reviews, leadership, myths of productivity, technology, compensation and labor.

It is this last post, by Mike Vandervort, that I want you to pay attention to. I was going to do a post on this as well but Mike says it so well I would just be redundant. BUT THIS POST HAS SIGNIFICANT INFORMATION IN IT. SO READ IT! Here is the special link to Life Under the New National Labor Relations Board. This new “life” will not be fun, it will not be easy and it may be expensive if you do not heed the warnings contained here in.

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