The Carnival of HR: The New Year Edition

Melissa Prusher at the Devon Group is the host of the first edition of The Carnival of HR for 2010. Happy New Year! This one is filled with several posts about predictions and top 10s. There is also several posts about learning, such as Trish McFarlane, at HR Ringleader’s Blog, sharing some favorite quotes in What Dr. Seuss Taught Me about Succeeding in Business and how many of his quotes can be applied to the business world. My good friend Cathy Missildine-Martin, at Profitability Through Human Capital, presents A New Year’s Resolution for HR Volume 2, a collection of thoughtful resolutions aimed at reducing costs, improving performance and increasing profitability. There is a thought-provoking piece on why people should NOT be promoted on merit and much, much more.

So set aside sometime and start the new year off right by reading this great collection of blog posts. In fact, make that a resolution! Resolve to read every Carninval of HR through the coming year. Talk about self-improvement!

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