End of the Week Reading: Great Stuff from Great Blogs

I missed the Carnival of HR this time. (Need to do something about that darn calendar.) There are some very good posts there. Here is the link Carnival of HR. This is one is hosted by Rowan Manahan.

Additionally, here are several posts that I recommend you read.

  1. Fran Melmed wrote an excellent piece called “We Don’t Need No Stinking Diversity Training.” It is so good it got picked up by NPR. She prompted me to write my piece on Removing the Ethnicity from your name.
  2. Kris Dunn wrote some required reading for anyone considering committees called Are Committees in Your Company Ever a Good Idea? If this one does not make you think twice, then reread it.
  3. Becky Regan, compensation pro extrodinaire, offers her 2010 predictions in The Compensation Cafe. “Top 4” Total Rewards Predictions for 2010  See if you agree.
  4. Wally Bock, of Three Star Leadership, blasts Notre Dame and Brian Kelly for the very poor example of leadership they exhibited in Values, schmalues, there is money at stake.
  5. And Ann Bares of Compensation Force writes on Throwing in the Towel: Are Employers Resigned to Impending Departures?

That is probably enough reading for the end of the week. But believe me, you will be better off for it. Have a great weekend.

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