HR Blogs of Greatness On the Midway: Carnival of HR July 22, 2009 Edition

The folks at Inform are hosting the Carnival of HR this time. The have a great list of topics keeping in the carnival theme. You have carnival games “Roll-up, roll-up…everyone’s a winner!”. You have carnival food “Hungry? It’s Corndog and Deep-Fried Oreo time”. Games of skill, lost friends, uncertainity of what to do next and then time to go home. Sounds like a real carnival to me!

So head over to the midway and read some of the best in human resources blogs. And make sure you invite friends! The more the merrier! Just make sure you don’t get dizzy from the twisting and twirling posts. Employee engagement, HR education, challenges with recruiting, the future of HR, managerial questions and psychometric testing are just some of the jobs to make your head spin.

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