Want to Learn How to Sell HR to Your CEO?

If you want to learn how to sell HR to your CEO all you have to do is listen to the radio. Administaff, with spokesman Arnold Palmer, does a great job of selling the value of human resources to company CEOs. A visit to their website supplies even more information. Their advice or message is pretty sound. They have data to back up their statements of “Think of HR as a top-performing investment” and “Good people practices pay off.” They report on a couple of studies that show that companies with top performing HR practices perform better than companies that have poor HR practices. And they make these points. They also have Arnie and the CEO, Paul Sarvadi, talking about the Top 9 HR Strategies to beat the odds in ’09. These include :

  1. Focusing on profit generating activities- by outsourcing HR
  2. Capitalizing on new opportunities by attracting and retaining good workers
  3. Upgrading your workforce
  4. Providing peace of mind by a strong message of caring and professional compassion
  5. Making use of incentive compensation plans
  6. Heading of rising employment risk by assessing and managing risks
  7. Reducing operating costs, through a workforce cost analysis
  8. Making the most of training resources
  9. Improving employee communication.

Is there anything magical about this list? I think I have heard it all before and most of you have too. But how well have we communicated this to the CEO? The lesson here is that we can take a clue from Administaff and make our own compeling commercial. I am going to work on one and I suggest you do as well.

Otherwise your CEO may listen to Arnie and decide that it all sounds good and he/she can get that from Administaff…. WHO WANTS YOUR JOB!

So toot your own horn and keep from getting outsourced.

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