EFCA Slight of Hand: My Prediction Comes True

About a month or so ago I predicted that the Pro-EFCA crowd would offer some compromise on the bill in order to get it passed. The firestorm of controversy around the secret ballot provision was too much and was making the law defeatable in the Senate. I said that the Pro-EFCAs would compromise on secret ballot because what they really wanted was the second provision of the law, arbitrated contract negotiation. See this March 11th post.

Well it appears my prediction is coming to be. This article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer online version quotes Sen. Sherrod Brown as saying the bill will be rewritten to preserve the secret ballot. No mention is made of the more onerous provision of the law.

Do not be fooled folks. This is slight of hand, the magician’s trick of pay attention to this hand while I actually do the trick with the other. Don’t let up on your Sentors in telling them this is not good legislation regardless of what happens with the secret ballot.

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