Watch Out Compensation Specialists: Your Jobs Are On The Way Out

On March 29th, on Meet the Press, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner appeared and answered questions about the current economic crisis. He made one interesting comment that I think does not match the motivations of most of the people I know. He said “But we’re going to emerge stronger than this. When we get through this people are going to care less about what they make, more about what they do, what they achieve with what they make, and that will help make this country stronger.” Click here for the transcript.

So we are going to care less about what we make! Well all my comp friends, Ann and Frank and Phil and Barbara, you had better start looking for another line of work. Compensation will be unimportant. Find something you like to do. Find something that will make the country stronger. Hmmm…. know how to handle a shovel?

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