Suggested Reading: Some Blog Referrals

As I have been brousing some blogs today and here are some posts I thought you might find interesting, I did.
  1. The HR Capitalist starts a discussion on Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers in a post called How Your National Origin Can Impact Your Performance…. He discusses the concept of the Power Distance Index, a concept developed by Geert Hofstede in his Cultural Dimensions. This discussion is in terms Korean Air Lines pilots and a series of accidents. Make sure you read the comments.
  2. In Dan McCarthy’s Great Leadership blog he writes about The Only Reference That Really Matters . The Dilbert cartoon is worth the trip and Dan’s discussion of the reference process is excellent. I agree with this assessment.
  3. Ann Bares writes in Compensation Force about Bonuses and Other Profanities and the impact on current events on the proper definition and use of bonus dollars and what a commuication and PR problem HR now does have.
  4. At Fistful of Talents, Kris Dunn (in his alter ego), writes about All Workplace Jerks Don’t Have to Scream – The Information Hoarder… I don’t know about you but I have worked with some people like that before. “I am more valuable because I know something you don’t know.”
  5. Over at Slacker Manager, Phil Gerbyshak has a guest auther, Steve Farber writing on How Do You Get Back Up? A Counterintuitive Approach to Thriving in Challenging Times. Some good advice on what to do when things don’t go your way.

So take a look at these I think you will find them interesting, insightful and useful. I did.

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