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When you are constantly bombarded from all sides with bad news it is easy to feel down. Just yesterday I posted a comment on Twitter (tweeted) something to the effect that things were so bad I was just hoping to be able to afford the better brand of dog food to eat when I retire. In my consulting practice I have been dealing with many clients who are cutting back and letting people go. I have older friends who are having very difficult times in finding jobs and who have been the object of ageism. The stock market is down and the government is head in a direction I think is dangerous. So this usually very optimistic HR guy is feeling pretty pessimistic. And when you feel that way it leaks into your work.

But then I read Kris Dunn’s post 4 Reasons Why Ayn Rand and “Atlas Shrugged” Should Guide Your Career Choices… This is Kris Dunn at his finest. As a result of this excellent post I feel better and more ready to work harder and smarter for my good, the good of my family, the good of my future, the good of my company and the good of my fellow employees. Kris says “… don’t get frozen career-wise in a recession. Do what you are good at and do it aggressively.” He offers four reasons for doing this. I will let you link to his post to read them. However, I will quote him one more time with this great statement. “The quickest way to become part of the body count? By not bringing your A-game and being selfish when it comes to demanding top performance and creativity when you’re on the job.”

So read him and get inspired. You might even want to read Ayn Rand, I am going to try.

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