Oh Where, Oh Where Is Hilda?

Representative Hilda Solis, the congressional representative from California’s San Gabrial valley, is one of the remaining Obama nominees that has not yet been approved. Apparently her confirmatin as Secretary of Labor is on hold because of her refusal to answer questions about her views on the Employee Free Choice Act. Why she is hesitating is strange. Her views are well known. She is a liberal Democrat and daughter of a Teamster local president. She co-sponsored the EFCA along with then Senator Obama. So why she is stalling is a puzzle.
I can understand why the Republicans are holding up her confirmation. She will become unions best friend in Washington when confirmed. So I have no problem with her cooling her heals.

Here is an article from sgvtribune.com that has a different take, though they too are puzzled by her hesitancy to answer questions.

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