Tidbits for the Middle of January

Listening to the radio this morning I picked up several tidbits of information for the day.

First, according to SHRM (yes they made the radio news) 5% of companies are taking tomorrow’s inauguration day as a holiday. That is more than the number of companies that gave off election day.

Second, according to radio show host Clark Howard, over 51% of workers dread getting up and going to their job. They hate their work. His advice, quit and find something you look forward to rising to each morning. From an HR perspective look at your folks and realize half of them don’t want to be there. What are you going to do about it?

Third, according to “experts” today is the most depressing day of the year and may be the most depressing day of the the decade. Reasons:

  • Winter weather (well only in the northern hemisphere)
  • Christmas credit woes
  • Blown New Year’s resolutions
  • Job fears
  • Mounting debt
  • The economic crisis

Well this is not going to apply to everyone, so this is hyperbole, but it makes good news. It is sort of like your horoscope. If it applies it is amazing, if it doesn’t you ignore it. Just realize that the 51% of your employees that hate being at work may feel this way.

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