More On Paycheck Fairness: Still Beating 'Cause the Horse Isn't Dead

Here are two great links for people who are far more compentent to talk about the paycheck fairness legislation than am I. The first link is to Ann Bares, author of Compensation Force, who talks about Pay Legislation Leaps to Top of House Agenda: Interview with WorldatWork’s Cara Welch. Ann Bares is a MUST read.

The second link is to Michael Moore’s Pennsylvania Labor and Employment Blog where he writes about Record Retention Nightmare Created by Ledbetter Fair Pay Act . If you are a paper shuffler you will love this law. If not… whoa… what a potential nightmare! How about NEVER getting rid of ANY employee information? Eternal record retention…. do you have enough file cabinets?

So check out these two invaluable blog posts. Be informed.

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