E-Verify Just Can't Get Verification

E-Verify, the government program that all government contractors, with $100K or more, must use starting January 15th has been potentially stalled in the courts. According to an article in eWeek.com the Department of Homeland Security has been sued by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and “…the Associated Builders and Contractors, the Society for Human Resources Management, the American Council on International Personnel and the HR Policy Association.”

The article quotes Robin Conrad of the Chamber’s Litigation Center as saying “The administration can’t use an Executive Order to circumvent federal immigration and procurement laws. Federal law explicitly prohibits the secretary of Homeland Security from making E-Verify mandatory or from using it to re-authorize the existing workforce.” The Chamber is hoping the suit will declare the new regulation null and void.

If you are a government contractor of at least $100,000 and 120 days and subcontracts of $3,000 stay tuned to this development, but be prepared to use E-Verify if you are not already.

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