Jobs of the Future: And You Told Your Kid to Quit Doodling!

Kids that are in high school today and parents of kids in elementary school think every once in a while about what kind of job they may have in the future. Well here is some guidance on jobs of the future provided by The Futurist Magazine, the publication of the World Future Society. In an article entitled “Majoring in the Unusual” they discuss some of the jobs that high schoolers may be able to enter in the future. From a book titled They Teach That In College? these include:
  1. Sustainable or “green” business. Students need to major in biology, environmental sciences and conventional business practices.
  2. Nanotechnology/Nanoscience. Students need to major in science, biotechnology, agriculture, and areas such as energy. All of these areas will benefit from nanotechnology. (Click the word if you are unsure of what it is.)
  3. Computer Forensics. This is supposed to be a hot job and will create opportunities in a number of fields beyond law enforcement.
  4. Strategic Intelligence. Also known as “spying” this will be a big job for smart kids. So if you kid is smart and very computer literate they have a future, mostly in government, but private industry could use them as well.
  5. and my favorite, Comic Book Art. Yes, the job prospects for your doodler are excellent. Many experts consider comics and “graphic novels” to be the biggest area of growth for print publishers. So if your kid is a good cartoonist encourage them!

( A sad side note from an avid book reader. Is the “graphic novel” a result of our TV society? People are no longer capable of sitting and reading a book that doesn’t have pictures? Of course I do remember doing a book report on Ivanhoe based upon reading the Classic Comic book. LOL, needless to say I did not do well. I missed some of the finer detail of the book.)

Anyway, getting back to jobs. Kids today will be doing many things their parents cannot even concieve of or think are ridiculous. So be open minded to that skill, talent or interest they may have. Who knows it may get them a good job someday.

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