The ADA and Recruiting Sites: Is Yours Up To Par?

I was searching for a topic for today and was reading news stories and other blogs. I opened up Michael Moore’s Pennsylvania Labor and Employment Blog. His post on August 28th made me sit up and take notice. He wrote on that day about the ADA and company websites. He discusses a case with Target losing a class action suit based on blind shoppers not being able to access the Target website. Target argued that the ADA covered physical spaces and not virtual spaces. They lost!

Mr. Moore points out that this concept can easily be transfered to recruitment websites or a company’s section on its website for recruitment. The ADA guarantees access to the recruitment and application process, and Moore feels the Target case can easily be expaneded to the virtual world of Internet applications.

So if you are a recruiter using your company website or a site like (which I looked at and could not see any section on what to do if I had not been a sighted visitor) you may wish to review this case.

I would like comments from anyone who has addressed this. How do you deal with sight disabled visitors to your recruitment website?

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