Talent Management: Just What Does It Mean?

The other day I posed this question to a group of HR people: “Is there a consistent definition of the term TALENT MANAGEMENT?” The responses I got pretty much matched my thought. There is not a consistent definition. And I think this is confusing to HR folks and upper management. And thus things don’t get done. “Talent” (whatever that means) does not get managed. Upper management gets frustrated with HR, HR gets frustrated with HR, and confusion reigns. As I was searching for a definition Cathy Martin, author of Find Your Metrics That Matter, sent me a link to the following article.

Mary Ann Downey, of IC4P, wrote an article entitled Talent Management by any Other Name… I don’t think I could be anymore articulate than she was in this post. So I refer her to you and maybe she can clear it up.

Also along those lines, here is another article called Kill the ‘HR Speak’ by John Sullivan in Workforce. Click on the title to read that article. Talent Management is part of HR speak.

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