Bilingualism: HR Skill Of The Future

According to the Census Bureau by 2050 Hispanics will comprise 30% of the U.S. population and Asians will comprise 9%. Combine this with the rapidly expanding “global” economy this will put bilinguil skills at the top of the list of necessary skills for HR professionals of the future.

The Census Bureau further reports that non-Hispanic whites will make up 46% of the population and blacks will be 15% of the population. This is a reduction from current levels for whites of 55% and just a marginal increase for blacks of less than 1%.

Oh by the way, one of the other languages you will have to speak is “old person”. People over the age of 85 will triple to over 19 million by that time.

And it is going to be crowded too…an extra 134 milllion people by 2050. Currently we have 305 million residents.

Diversity will definately be on the table, but that time it may no longer be an issue because it will be the norm.

Of course the way things are going now, we may all be speaking Chinese or Russian by that time.

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