Highlighting a Great Recruitment Resource: VetJobs.com

Like many of you I receive a lot of newsletters. Some I read every time, some I scan, some I read occasionally and some I dismiss entirely or even delete them (despite that I signed up for it.) One of the ones I read occasionally comes from VetJobs.com. This time I read it thoroughly. It is full of very interesting facts and Ted Daywalt, the CEO, writes pretty well.

Daywalt, a retired Navy Officer, has created a site to help veterans find positions. It is a way for employers to get exposed to a resource of capable, well trained candidates. Despite old perceptions the military spends a great deal of money training people. The get heavy responsibilty at early ages. The successful ones learn fast, take responsibility readily and most have excellent people skills. Junior officers have handled positions and made decisions many people never get to make.

VetJobs facilitates employers and candidates getting together. So if you are recruiting and looking for high caliber talent I encourage you check out VetJobs.com. I think you will find the site interesting. Look for Ted’s newsletter for an interesting read.

(In the vein of full disclosure, I do know Ted Daywalt through a Chamber of Commerce. However, I have no financial interest in VetJobs, and he does not know of this endorsement.)

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