Eliminate This Word From Your HR Vocabulary!

On U.S. radio stations Randstad, the staffing agency, is running an advertisement that drives me up the wall by using a word that should never be associated with HR. Have you heard it? Can you guess what it is? Well here is the statement taken from their website

“Superior talent matches for a customer’s temporary, temporary-to-permanent and permanent job opportunities through a unique, team-based solution.”

The word that grates on me like finger nails on a chaulkboard is PERMANENT. In HR you never talk about permanent positions. That creates contractual language that you can be held to in court. Besides a permanent position is impossible. Every one dies, unless of course you are the detective in the Fox TV show New Amsterdam, who happens to be immortal.

So if you are using the word permanent, as in temp-to-permanent…STOP! Use temporary-to-full-time or something else. Unless of course you do hire people for life.. but that is kind of rare. Does not really give you many options if the person is not a performer.

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