Summer Jobs Will Be Hard to Find, Plus No Work Ethic

According to an article in the Atlanta Business Chronicle teens will have a tough time finding summer jobs this year as a result of the current economic situation. In a survey, conducted by, teens will have fewer opportunities and more competition for summer jobs. Many of the jobs that will be available will go to teens who worked last year in the same position. Shawn Boyer, CEO of, says there will be jobs but teens need to get started early on looking for those jobs.

An interesting comment in the survey said that over half of the over 1000 managers surveyed felt that teens today do not have the work ethic that previous generations have had. Well that is not a new complaint about Gen Y.

I wonder however, if it is not so much a comment about work ethic as it is engagement. In this era where teens live in a short-attention span world work just may not be interesting enough to hold a teen’s attention. If you are constantly bombarded by stimulation from music, TV, phones, etc. is stuffing fries in a bag really going to be that interesting? And if it is not interesting do you really want to do it? Not me.

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