Performance Appraisal: "Your Performance is Going to be Terrible"

Imagine taking an employee aside and saying “All signs point to the fact that you are probably going to falter in your performance. You are going to be flat and it may take sometime for you to recover.” Then you publish it in his email everyday and you let everyone else in the company know what kind of expectation you have for that employee. What would you expect that employee to do? FAIL! And then you would say, see I knew he was a poor employee.

Well that is what is happening to the economy today. Everyday we hear how bad it is GOING to be. So what happens? Everyone starts acting like that is what is happening. And then the prognosticators say “See we told you so.”

Isn’t that called Self-fulfilling prophecy? I don’t know about you, but it angers me. And it certainly does not do alot for the confidence of your employees.

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