How To Increase Creativity: Tips for HR

Valeria Maltoni, author of the blog Coversation Agent (and other blogs), wrote a great blog on Creativity and Outcome . She stated that creativity can be hard work, however, she gives some tips for how you can introduce creativity into your daily “routine” by getting out of your daily routine. Click on the link above to see what those tips are.

I am a big believer that being creative and being non-routine is a vital skill for the human resources professional. When I am teaching classes to HR professionals and HR professional wanna-bes I talk about the importance of environmental scanning. This is necessary to be a proactive, forward thinking HR professional. You have to be able to recognize what is happening that may affect your employee population and your company’s ability to attract and retain those employees. And this skill takes creativity! It requires you to get out of your routines, which for many of us have become ruts, and to view the world from a different perspective. As Maltoni says “Creativity happens by design.” So read her tips on becoming more creative or elastic by freeing yourself from your routines and start on the road to being a better human resources professional. You will be more interested, more interesting, more valuable and as a result probably better paid.

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