Fake Excuses for Your Employees on the Internet

Heard this on the news and had to look for myself. There is a website where your employees can download excuses to get out of work called phoneyexcuses.com . They can go here and purchase any type of excuse they need, even funeral announcements for the “dead aunt.”

Have you fallen victim to any of these? What do you do to an employee that you find out is using one?

3 thoughts on “Fake Excuses for Your Employees on the Internet”

  1. At first glance that website looks like a joke. But it is real. Whatever happened to plain old honesty? I have a friend who works for Enterprise Rent-a-Car and they have a policy in place, where if you don’t want to be there, they don’t want you there. Call in well, it’s called. Obviously, if it’s abused they probably face termination. But, it gives their employees a sense that their company thinks their mental and physical well being is just as important as the bottom line. Interesting find.

  2. Just checked out the Phoney Excuse site. They’ve obviously put a lot of work into creating it, and I think it’s pretty clever.

    As far as people coming up with an excuse to get out of work, what’s new? Employees have been doing it for years!

    I have worked in numerous Human Resource departments my entire career and have always called to verify absences, no matter what.

    I think if your just lazy and take your employee’s word for it, you deserve to be taken advantage of.

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