Too Chicken to Be a Manager

I just read this quote from CCH Net News:

Ten percent of U.S employees say their company has used email to fire or lay off employees, according to a national survey of 752 U.S. workers. And, 17 percent indicated their boss used emails to avoid other difficult face-to-face conversations. “Email has become the new shield of today’s business. Companies hide behind it to avoid the negative reactions of unhappy employees,” said Frank Kenna III, president of The Marlin Company. “While email works fine for day-to-day communication, the last thing you want to do is use it for something as sensitive as layoffs. That risks turning former employees into disgruntled ones who can become walking negative advertisements for your firm.”

I am astounded that ANYONE does this, let alone 10 percent. If you don’t have the guts to face your employees and say you are letting them go then you don’t deserve to be a manager! And what HR departments are allowing this to occur?? They have no more back bone than the manager and run the risk of causing the company more trouble. What has happened to courage?

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