Department of Homeland Security Mad at Illinois

Back in May on my blog called “Catching Up” I wrote an item about the employment verification system the Federal government was going to require all employers to use when they hired someone. It is currently required of government contractors. Well, apparently in response to this, (the announcement, not my blog) the State of Illinois passed a law barring businesses from using the system until the system’s databases become faster and more accurate. Because the program requires employers to fire employees within 8 days if they are not verified the State of Illinois argued this subjected employees to unfair treatment under the federal government’s flawed program.

The Justice Department, on behalf of Homeland Security, filed a civil suit to stop the enactment of the Illinois law, with Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff saying “This is about as bold an anti-enforcement measure as I’ve ever seen,” and further calling it a “…direct assault on the federal law.”

This will be interesting to watch.

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