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Ok, I have not blogged in a month and a half. Vacation is part of the reason. Overcoming the intertia of not blogging is tough. Restarting something, anything, after a layoff is tough. I am going through that right now with exercise and dieting too… Oh well here are some catch up thoughts.

  1. VacationWe don’t take enough of it in this country! We are behind the rest of the world in how much we take. I have come to the conclusion that vacation needs to be taken in a minimum of two weeks, especially if you are going out of the country. We Americans overwork ourselves and it is to our detriment. While on vacation in the Dominican Republic I met a young woman who had to go and check her work email twice a day. I don’t think she ever relaxed.
  2. Immigration- Whether or not you think the immigration plan the President and Congress is working on is right or not it is going to be a nightmare for Human Resources departments. It will require the following: Use of electronic verification that is currently not designed to handle the 7 million employers that will have to sign up; REVERIFICATION of ALL your current employees, regardless of how long they have worked for you; a follow up system on everyone that gets kicked out of the system (currently about 15% of the verifications that get sent in electronically.) In addition, the fines go up exponentially. YOU HAD BETTER PAY ATTENTION TO THIS ONE. SHRM feels this will have the impact of FMLA. (Oh great!)
  3. Minimum Wage– How many of you noticed that the increase in the minimum wage that got snuck into the Iraq War funding bill? It will go into effect 60 days after the President signs the bill. So far I have seen no details, but I am sure they are forthcoming.

Well, that will do for now. I will keep it going now… at least until I go on vacation again and inertia takes over once more.. LOL.

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  1. The United States is always ranked No.1 for GDP per head of population and is therefore deemed to be the wealthiest and most successful nation on earth.

    I think this is way too simplistic – sure I’m impressed if some other guy earns twice as much as I do, but how hard does he have to work to accomplish that? Because if he is working twice as hard as I am, then I’m not impressed any more.

    Any cretin in the world can work longer hours, but can he earn as much as me by working smarter? Look at GDP per hour worked data (a true measure of productivity) and the US is no longer No.1 – they actually rank a poor 7th by this measure. Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Italy and Ireland all outperform the US.

    They work less hours, take longer holidays, have more money in their pockets and make better chocolate. Hmmmm.

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