Mandated Sick Days- Kennedy At It Again

Ted Kennedy, the senior senator from Massachusetts, is getting ready to introduce the “Healthy Families Act”, a bill that would require organizations with 15 or more full-time employees to provide at least seven days of paid sick leave every year. Additionally, the bill “also would lock-in existing leave benefits, such as “paid time off” (PTO) programs, thereby limiting or eliminating an employer’s flexibility in making even minor adjustments in leave provisions. This is significant because many employers tailor leave policies to meet their employees’ needs.” (Source: SHRM HR Issues Update, March 23, 2007)

It is too early yet to see how this might screw up companies with PTO policies, but mandating that small companies MUST provide 7 days of paid sick time will cause a financial burden to these companies that some might not be able to bear. Additionally, it will certainly take away some flexibility in how companies deal with their employees.

In addition to this legislation, Kennedy is also introducing into the Senate the Employee Free Choice Act, a bill that would take away the private ballot voting rights of American workers in union organizing campaigns. This bill has already passed in the House. It eliminates secret ballot elections in union campaigns offering the opportunity for intimidation in the election process. And yes, unions do work on intimidation. Someone needs to explain to me how taking away the right of secret ballot is an EMPLOYEE FREE CHOICE ACT. Most people, if they have to make their choice known in a public arena, where they know they may receive threats if their vote goes counter to some members of the group will have a tendency to vote with the group. That is NOT free choice. That is more akin to choice by mob rule.

Kennedy, who has never held a legitimate job a day in his life and has certainly never run a company is out of touch. He must have tremendous guilt for his life of privilege and that is why he champions the “little” people. Just my opinion.

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  1. Not to mention that the EFCA will also eliminate the pre-election campaign and thus the ability for employees to receive a BALANCED view of union representation BEFORE they are “forced” to commit themselves. The EFCA, of course, goes further, with offensive mandatory interest-arbitration, government-imposed contracts, and significant financial sanctions agaisnt employers. Employers everywhere must get up to speed on this one, and must act now.

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  2. …and how does he propose companies pay for this mandated benefit?? – thru a few layoffs, a reduction in the benefits package (if they are even in a position to offer one in the first place), or perhaps an increase in the cost of their end product?
    Maybe Big Ted would be willing to subsidize it with part of his hard earned paycheck!!!

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