Managing "High Flyer" Employees

One of the things most HR managers “preach” is consistency. We drum this into our managers and supervisors. Treat everyone the same. Don’t discriminate. Well here is an article on Managing High Flyers that argues that this may not be the best approach. The author, William Rothwell, says that managing what he calls “high flyers” may take a different management approach than is used for most employees. Ignoring this may be detrimental to the organization when this “high flyer” leaves. Read this article and tell me what you think.

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  1. Not a new concept really. In reality many companies do treat employees differently – they just try to be covert about it. A little honesty with one’s employees is a good thing. Could be motivating or at least serve to explain. The realization that not all employees are created equal goes hand-in-hand with employees taking responsibility for their own careers. For example, Josephine is hired in at a higher rate of pay and promoted early. Co-workers may not appreciate that if their careers stagnate. Honesty about why this happens might help to light the fire of self-improvement.

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