Commemorating Sept. 11th

From a human resources standpoint I think the best way for most of us to commemorate the attack on the US is to make sure our security and safety plans are in order. Do you have an evacuation plan? Have you done a fire drill? Do the employees hired in the period since the last meeting or drill understand what needs to be done? There is no better day of the year than this one to insure that in case of an emergency, be it natural or man made, all your employees can reach safety.

There were many compelling stories of 5 years ago of people reaching safety because they had a plan and had practiced the plan. I would hate for your story to be a sad one because you did not.

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  1. Hi Michael – I agree with your thoughts that it is too easy to take things for granted – this is probably because the act of preparation and contingency planning forces us to confront fears that we don’t want to have to face – everything from fire drills to bird flu. Nevertheless we will be more empowered if we do so! I enjoyed your presentation very much last night at the NW SHRM meeting and hope your blog is successful.

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